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Working out in a 2012 Gym

on June 8, 2012

Last year I decided to join a gym for so many reasons:

  • I wanted to be able to go for a walk pushing the kids in the pram and not sound like I was hiking up Mount Everest!
  • I wanted to feel my body ache because I chose to exercise and not just from hanging over the side of the cot for half the night!
  • I wanted to have energy and not just remember the good old days when I did!
  • I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes again and not question if my clothes had shrunk!
  • I wanted to do something for me:)

A new gym was being promoted in our area and if I bought a two-year membership and paid up in cash (a few months before it opened) I would have myself a bargain foundation membership (please read foundation membership in a game show announcers voice – thanks) into the gym of the decade!!! A little too good to be true hey! Well all the above motivating factors took over and I did it. I “invested” a chunk of money into a gym membership. This is what some would call a “high risk” investment. I had a gym membership once upon a time way back in high school with a best friend and then for about 6 months while I was at Uni. So what had I been doing since – well I had seasons of netball, snowboarding, surfing and well then…………. kids? I lifted and chased them around all the time! But I wanted more!!!!!

Then my fabulous gym’s opening was delayed several times and finally opened 4 months late in January 2012. Please take note here that when I went to the gym it was back in the late 90’s, and then early 2001. Take a moment to think of the music of the day, 90’s exercise attire and well my reason to exercise back then. All of these things had changed dramatically. And for that I am thankful!

As I walked through the door of my new and shiny gym (when it finally opened) I felt like I had stepped into the future. I was given a tour by my personal trainer (included in my foundation membership) the gym was amazing. The space was open and light. There was every machine under the sun and it could tell me so many stats on my performance etc that made me spin, I could watch TV, listen to my chosen tunes; all whilst working out. There was even a rotating rock climbing wall – uhuh. There was a room full of exercise bikes – where you do a class of riding, there was a group dynamic studio (interesting name for aerobics room!), mind and body studio (yoga, Pilates etc) and performance training studio (boot camp, personal training area etc). There was even a child care space.

I looked around excited about what lay ahead and dreamed about my time at the gym.

After attending the gym for the last 5 months there are a few things I have noted about getting fit in the year 2012. I would like to share some of these observations with you:

  • It appears that people dress to impress when working out. Now this is something that I don’t really get: Lorna Jane! (sorry to single you out here). Let it be known I think your clothes look great but seriously those prices!!!!!!! I don’t get it as well. My aim when I get dressed and hit the gym is that I try to look bad (and I can achieve this look well). Yep! As I am forced to stand in a room with mirrors taking in my every angle. I am reminded why I am there. Plus I am too tight/thrifty to pay for expensive clothes that all I am going to do is sweat in! I would rather spend money on clothes that I will wear on a special night out or on every day clothes. It appears I may be alone in my thinking though;)
  •  Group classes aren’t just for the coordinated! All those who have participated in an “aerobics” class I want you to think of the person that seems to be working out to their own music, facing the wrong way and well free styling most of their moves. Some do this happily or others are sweating more from the humiliation then the workout! Ok, so that image sums me up! I blame this on me being left-handed and having to re-order my natural movements to the opposite side of my body and then get confused whilst doing this and looking in a mirror!! In 2012, the good news is there are heaps of classes out there for people like me!!! I am making an effort to try all the classes out, even some of the more dancier classes like Zumba, which I swore I would never to do! Yes, there have been times where my mind has had more of a work out then my poor body as I try to get some of the routines. I found the ultimate Zumba class where I had flash backs to my clubbing days and I felt like I was in a flash mob scene. I have found classes that stretch, push, challenge, exhaust and entertain me. However, I have also noted that some classes are being created to just be a little different and well I think some of these are trying a little too hard – no hard feelings gym stick!
  • Music has and hasn’t changed: I am loving hearing music with a good beat again. I am even learning lots of new songs – but the only problem is that now I associate these songs with sit ups, burpees and lifting hand weights;). The other day I was in a class where they played all of my favourite dance songs from back in my uni days. I had to bite my tongue before I sang along or yelled “ooh, ooh” whilst pointing to the ceiling and I must have looked like a sweating cheshire cat!
  • Women are encouraged to attend gyms: Included in my foundation membership, was 6 months free childcare! The fact that there is even a childcare space is cool. My change rooms have a plasma in them, showers like you find in a hotel, hair dryers and straighteners and a steam room. The styles of classes offered and their timetable factor in women. My gym is a unisex one and it does all of this! Very impressive:) Huge advancements from the 90’s.
  • Motivation still falls on you: Despite the brilliance and advancements found in the 2012 gym, motivation still falls on your own shoulders. From my gym iPhone app I can set a reminder on my phone to tell me to leave for a particular class but it can’t push me out the door to get there. As a mother of two young kids, I am finding that my motivation to get out and attend a class can be there (and  extra strong depending on the day we have had – haha) but sometimes sick kids, sleep deprivation, full childcare etc can prevent me from attending the gym. This is frustrating! But also encouraging and motivating for me in itself because I am sad that I miss my workout and not relieved – proving I am motivated!!

All in all the advancements of the 2012 Gym are great and they have definitely encouraged me an accustomed couch warmer to get up and get fit! So I thankyou 2012 Gym for helping me to get active, energised and helping me to feel so much better. I am also enjoying the social side of the working out with new and old friends. I had put off getting fit for so long, then I had kids and that also stopped me. If this is you can I encourage you to do whatever it takes to look at fitting exercise into your personal and/or family routines. If you need some help with this read this helpful post from the planning with kids website. The gym may not be for you but don’t let that stop you from staying healthy.

Leave a comment and share how you exercise in 2012! Lets encourage each other HERE  people (and especially now it’s Winter, for those of us here in Australia)!

Em xx


6 responses to “Working out in a 2012 Gym

  1. Heather Metz says:

    LOL Emily-You are freaking hilarious!!!

  2. Patch says:

    I really need the app that will push me out of the door lol!! Maybe when Little J starts school in September I might be able to fit in some classes, until then the schedule is already too full! I’ll just have to make do with lifting and chasing kids and walking up and down the very steep hill to my house.

  3. Jules says:

    That was a workout for me, just to find the time to read that lengthy story. Thanx, I just lost 2 kilos and my jeans now fit me sooooo much better..

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