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What puts a smile on your dial?

on May 29, 2012

So since last Wednesday sickness has struck the kids of our house (and hopefully no one else)! This little cold didn’t strike and knock then down in the dramatic fashion that most do. It has been more a of a slow progressing and annoying cold ending with a dramatic all-consuming cough. So needless to say that some of our days have been long and exhausting. My poor little ones:( Jas is on the home stretch and poor little Elijah was struck worse and not yet recovered!

After quite a protest and struggle to get Elijah to have his day sleep (out of character), I was exhausted and a little flat. After seeing a friend’s Facebook status and seeing how much she loved this week’s New Girl episode,  I decided to watch the it too (Season 1 – Episode 17). The housework could wait. This is a series that I have watched from time to time and have really enjoyed and Brett decided to record it for me as we were going out. There is something about the characters of the show and in particular Jess, that I really like.   In this episode Jess was soaked from an out of control Bidet.

Thanks Jess!

All of a sudden I was transported to a different time and place where I too had a similar experience. I was in South Korea, visiting a teacher’s family home (from the school I was doing my teaching rounds at). Her elderly parents and middle-aged siblings had never met a westerner  – sorry I think I tarnished our reputation.

I needed the toilet and was shown where to go. Upon entry I knew I was in trouble. It was a small room. If I sat on the toilet, I could in fact turn on the shower and actually start to wash myself whilst on the throne. And even wash my hands in the basin! After assessing all of that in seconds I decided to mount the throne, only to take a second look at the control panel next to me covered in Korean writing and with at least 10 buttons on it. Having previously lived in and travelled throughout Asia I had never experienced such a control pad. Not one button explained to me its function  – not even a power on etc. I suddenly longed for the previously dreaded squat toilet!  I did my business and then my automatic pilot kicked in and I dropped my toilet paper in the bowl. OH NO! (in Asia usually the used paper would be put in a bin). So now not only did I have to get rid of my business but also the toilet paper!!! It took me ages before I did the inevitable; working my way through each and every button on the pad (TWICE, yep thought I may have missed a button).

Not as high tech as the toilet/bidet I used!

With each button a new and thrilling water spectacular happened, all it was missing was an accompanying laser light show. There were some sprays that were so big I screamed as I tried to dodge them. Some I managed to avoid, only to hear the sound of water hitting the tiled wall opposite! But at least half of them sprayed onto my white shirt. Yep!

Time check: Ok, so I had been in there about 10 minutes with no toilet flush, rather silence accompanied by very loud screams and the sound of water hitting the tiles. I can only imagine the faces of the family outside who could only hear me. After a while I gave in and had to call in the teacher to help me with the fundamental task of flushing the toilet. She entered to find a wet shirt competition in play, in a saturated bathroom, with the bonus of toilet paper and my business in her loo! Yep, I half laughed as I explained my problem. Then she leant over to the other side of the toilet and pulled down the lever that was so obviously attached to the side of the toilet and then flushed it. Ok, a new level of red washed over my face. I had flushed toilets like this so many times. But I saw the pad and panicked not even looking for a normal flusher! Upon leaving the bathroom, my friend spoke in Korean to her family members who all began to laugh – maybe the same embarrassed laugh I had just laughed! I would have loved to have had subtitles flash before me as she explained the antics of this crazy saturated, red-faced Westerner! Like I said I may have tarnished our reputation;)

Thankyou Gub, New Girl and Brett for reminding me of that hilarious experience! Extra shout out to New girl for the tears of laughter that came out of my eyes later in the episode. I guess what this reminded me of was the importance of humour. When the kids are sick I do anything I can to make them feel better. I give them extra cuddles, their favourite foods, the TV is on more than ever and I try my best to make them laugh by tickling them in their favourite spots etc. All of this is done for the purpose of cheering them up. As Mothers, I think we can become so fixated on our children that we lose sight of the importance of taking time out for us. When Elijah awoke from his nap he found a fresh and happy Mum all because I took some time out and better still had a laugh!

So what is it that could put a smile on your dial? Break you out of the flat, tired state that we can sometimes find ourselves in. Have you had a similar experience lately?

For me sometimes it’s a TV show, reading, doing craft, writing this blog or the latest using Pinterest. Give it some thought and arm yourself with these tools. You never know when you will need it. Just be aware that the more you do this the more refreshed you will feel and therefore the better mothering you can offer.

I should end with a joke here so you can practice smiling.

Here is Jasmine’s favourite joke at the moment:

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Arch who

Bless you 🙂

Em xx


6 responses to “What puts a smile on your dial?

  1. Patch says:

    Lmao at your toilet story!! Fantastic. Little J calls a sneeze a “bless you”, that makes me smile. Often it’s the antics of Big J that make me laugh, he’s very funny at times. If all three men in the house are doing my head in I run myself a bath and go and hide in it for a while with the door locked and come out feeling pampered and refreshed.

    • embilee says:

      Well little J should love Jasmine’s knock knock joke too;) I can’t relax in the bath as I can still hear them so maybe I need to take in some music and ear phones?

  2. Anita says:

    Thankyou for the laugh about the toilet Emily! I needed that.

  3. Gabriel says:

    We are all about the knock-knock jokes in this house at the moment… none of them are particularly funny, but we laugh anyway 😉
    So glad you decided to watch New Girl… I was crying by the end I laughed so hard: “This is President Miller of Earth. I’d like to speak to the Galactic Emperor”!!

  4. Andrea Steele says:

    That made me laugh out loud Em. I wish I had been a fly on the wall. So so so funny. I’m still chuckling. 🙂

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