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Mimicking Mother

on May 13, 2012

As a little girl I loved playing with dolls and with our doll’s house that my Grandpa made. I loved naming my dolls, dressing them and doing their hair. Two of my favourite dolls were Felicity and Victoria. Felicity was a My Child doll. Do you remember these? They were dolls with joints that moved, they had soft skin, pretty eyes and shiny hair. Felicity had two piggy tails (until I learnt to braid hair) and usually wore a sailor’s dress.

Then there was Victoria. She was a “special” doll! I had wanted a Cabbage Patch doll and my mum didn’t like them (their plastic heads, the myth of being born behind a cabbage patch, their adoption certificate and she thought they were over priced). Being the innocent looking, but sneaky child that I was; I had a plan. For my Birthday, I begged Mum for a Cabbage Patch Doll themed party. I figured everyone would bring their dolls and so I would have to have one too! Clever and cunning hey!

Mum let me have the party. However, for my present, I was given Victoria; a HAND MADE CABBAGE PATCH DOLL that Mum had bought! Not quite what I had in mind! Being double the size of a “normal” cabbage patch doll, made with jointed limbs, terry towelling skin, a soft head and minus the signature on her bottom; my plan had failed. So there I was surrounded by my friends with their original Cabbage Patch dolls and all the Cabbage Patch merchandise party supplies holding my Victoria. After getting over my initial shock and getting used to lugging her around I did love my big doll Victoria:)

Can you guess which doll Victoria is?

These days I love to watch Jasmine play with her dolls (and Felicity and Victoria). Jasmine was 26 months old when Elijah was born and she was just getting into mothering her dolls. When I would look after our little baby Elijah, Jasmine would be caring for Baby doll (her first and favorite doll). She would change her nappy, breast feed her, burp her and walk her around in the pram. She must have been doing something right as Baby doll never cried like Elijah did;) In those early days of Elijah’s life, Jasmine got to see how a young child is cared for and the routine involved and she would then copy and mimic me. Even now with 20 month old Elijah, Jasmine will talk to Elijah like we do and try to teach him things and read to him like we do!

This year Jasmine started Kinder. In one of the information sessions we were told how important it is for kids to imitate, role play and participate in pretend play. Her kinder teacher joked and said they actually learn a lot about us from the kids as they mimic us whilst playing in the pretend kitchen, shop and as they clean the house etc!!! What else she said after that, I am not sure as I went into shock!!!! Oh no! What is my child going to do and say as she mimics me to the world!!!! I still shudder to think about this:)

However, this got me to thinking. I guess I often refer back to how I was raised and how my parents treated, taught and loved us. This helps to guide me, correct me and encourage me especially in my parenting. I still to this day mimic my Mum at times. Since the passing of my Dad I have also realised that I am more like him than I realised. I am sure we have all said or done something and laughed (or cried) to ourselves as we’ve realised that we too, mimic our mother or father. The big questions is: Would I have given my daughter a Victoria? You know what, more and more since having kids I have realised that I all I want to do is protect them and I want what is best for them. I have also realised that to be a good mother means that I don’t have to give my kids everything that they want – in fact by making well thought out or tough calls I am being a better mother. Already I know that I will give Jas a “Victoria” is she wants a Bratz doll. I don’t like those dolls – in my opinion they are contributing to the sexualisation of children! So I too will annoy Jas someday with decisions I make!

Today being Mother’s Day,I want to take this opportunity to tell you all; I love my Mum to bits (despite not getting the Cabbage Patch doll). My mother is an incredible women. She is generous with her time and money. She is so encouraging, supportive, loving and courageous. She lives her life serving her God, her family and her friends. She touches the lives of so many people through all the volunteering that she does. Can I mimic her? I hope I can!!! I hope I can live my life like she does. I try daily to love my children with the same unconditional love that she has loved us with and I will always want what’s best for my children, as she still does. My sister posted on Facebook the other day a gorgeous picture and quote “Every day I become a little bit more like my mother. And I couldn’t be prouder! :)” I love this quote!! Mum, I want you to know that I plan to mimic you – sorry for the times I will fail but thanks for being such a hard act to follow!!!

Em xx


4 responses to “Mimicking Mother

  1. Jodi says:

    Well you are on your way – remember the party bags (or lack of) at her birthday party? I’m so glad that you have such a great role model in your mum – she is amazing. And your kids will be great with that example and yours too.

  2. I had a My Child doll too! Her name was Natalie đŸ™‚ I’m with you 100% on those Bratz dolls, I can’t stand them.

    Lovely post Em, it’s amazing to think that one day our kids might be parents themselves and thinking how much like us they are! Now that’s a scary thought.

    My favourite expression of my Mum’s that’s been recycled by me: “Stop carrying on like a pork chop!” It’s the most ridiculous thing to say, but inevitably it just comes out my mouth, haha.

    • embilee says:

      Thanks Al! I remember witnessing sensorship of gifts from you first hand a few years back! The Pork chop statement is a funny one, especially coming from a vegetarian;)xx

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