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I could have killed my in-laws!!!!!!

on May 7, 2012

We can’t choose our biological family can we? Then when you meet someone and fall in love you inherit another whole family! It could be argued that we have chosen this family but often it’s the person we have chosen to love and we get the bonus of their family! Sometimes this a gift and other times it’s a curse. What is it for you?

Whenever in-laws are depicted in the media they are seen as interfering, obnoxious, intimidating and atrocious. It is assumed that the relationship between a daughter-in-law and mother in-law is strained, forced and grating as each one is determined to show the other that they know what is best for their son/husband. Typically the Father-in-law struggles to accept the son-in-law as being good enough for their princess. Reality shows try to manipulate or demonstrate the tension that exists between these relationships. Movies and TV sitcoms dramatise and look for a laugh when depicting the modern family.

With all this in mind it’s no wonder I nearly killed my in-laws!

How did I do this you ask? Well my husband had invited his parents over to our house last week a few days before his birthday! Being the wonderful and inspired cook that I am, I prepared our meal. The day before I had made a massive pot of Vegetable soup for a group of friends that we had lunch with. You know the kind of soup where you put every vegetable that you can think of in and cook it in stock, blend it together and there you have a soup. So I decided that we should have a small bowl of soup for entrée and I had risotto for our main course. It was funny that day the kids were extra hungry and we couldn’t actually wait for Brett to get home from work so I thought we could have the soup first before he came home. I dished everyone’s up and ran back into the kitchen to add my last ingredient to my baked risotto. Meanwhile in the dinning room I had heard Jasmine say that the soup was gross! Now my kids love soup! But the day before when we had friends over for lunch and her good friend had said he didn’t like soup but was made to eat it. So I just assumed that Jasmine was copying him. So I reminded her that she had 2 bowls of the soup the day before and not to be silly.

Then my mother-in-law called out and asked what was in the soup! To which I replied so many vegetables and cooked in stock. So by the time I joined the table to have my soup my father-in-law had finished his bowl, Elijah had finished his and was having some more of his Grandmothers, my mother-in-law had half of her bowl (and had given some away) and Jasmine had only had one mouth full. I sighed happy to be seated and then took my first spoonful of soup. After which my face screwed up as I tasted the soup I had served everyone! It tasted like vinegar and somehow this wintery dish had fermented??? I whisked the bowls away from everyone – but for some the damage was done! How this soup went off is still a mystery as it had no meat, no dairy just stock and vegetables. It wasn’t refrigerated for as long as I normally would but it wasn’t out long enough to make it go bad!

I briskly served the risotto for those that were game! Which was complimented – how could it not be after following that soup! In all this drama the Birthday boy still wasn’t home and so later he ate his dinner alone:(

Now here is the real twist to my tale! I love my in-laws. There are the opposite of all the stereotypes when it comes to in-laws. They are generous, loving, caring, embracing, adventurous (even more so now having survived my soup!), humourous and supportive. So when I write that I could have killed my in-laws – there is no snicker or evil cackle that follows! I write it with an embarrassed and mortified feeling! As we gathered to celebrate the birth of their son I could have killed the people who put him on this earth!

Funnily enough they came four times that week for dinner and birthday celebrations – this isn’t a normal week:). The next time my father-in-law entered the house after me nearly poisoning him he came in carrying a tin of soup saying he would eat that soup rather than mine;0 And then still scared they cooked for the kids the next time they came 🙂 But all had been forgotten by the last meal of the week;) Well not really – my lovely father-in-law had told the world of the incident and well now I am telling those that he didn’t get to!

Couple of lessons I have learnt:

  1. Sit down and eat with your guests – so you can identify disasters early
  2. Listen to your daughter and don’t be quick to assess the situation!
  3. Refrigerate soup straight away after making it
  4. Wait for the Birthday boy before you eat dinner

In the lead up to Mother’s Day I want to thank my Mother-in-law for having such a wonderful son and for both of his parents who have raised him to be the man who I love! And can you babysit next week? (hahaha)

Do you get along with your in-laws? Have you ever poisoned someone you love? I would love to hear your tales!

Em xx

My Soup Lovers


4 responses to “I could have killed my in-laws!!!!!!

  1. Thanks Em, we love you too, and we’ll come over any time you want us to. (Well I will anyway!!!)

  2. Did you use a dash of wine in your soup? It went down in our family legends the time my father (who had no sense of taste) chucked the remainders of a bottle of wine in a stew only for us to discover at mealtime that it’d turned to vinegar. Melodramists however if they want tin soup instead and to cook for themselves. Although a lot less work! 😉

    • embilee says:

      No wine in the soup! Still unsure of the vinegar taste! Tin soup made me smile and the cooking for the family was very helpful. I love family legends, I guess this will be one:) Thanks for reading

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