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Free-styling and UPUPcycling

on April 26, 2012

 Are you a person that modifies recipes, instructions and patterns? Perhaps you do. I hope it works for you!

Generally I like to follow a recipe, especially if it’s my first time making a dish. Only after cooking a dish several times do I feel at liberty to modify or substitute ingredients. On the flip side though I do like to create my own dishes by using up pantry or fridge items  – you know wing it Master Chef style! At times I am relieved there are no cameras rolling and other times I want the world to see my dish;)

Instructions or manuals are something that I usually try to follow out of fear of breaking something before I even get to use it. I usually have to read the manual or instructions thoroughly the first time because I usually misplace them by the time I actually need them:) Funnily enough Brett and I tried to play junior Cluedo tonight and learn the rules before playing it with Jas; but we had trouble finding the instruction booklet and I even googled them just as Brett had found the original! Have you ever had to do that?

So I am not very adventurous in these areas yet for some reason when it comes to sewing and following a pattern I suddenly feel I can modify the instructions, substitute fabrics and I go all Project Runway! This actually cracks me up as I am a self taught hack of a sewer who definitely has no idea.

Here are some current examples of my freestylin’ sewing efforts feel free to laugh (preferably to yourself!)

Project one:  Cubby house card table (as mentioned previously on my goal planner)

A Crafty Minx I am not, but equipped with Kelly Doust’s other book The crafty kid I feel like to could be one day! A while ago I set out making her “caravan of love” cubby house. It’s actually a card table with material thrown over it and it turns into a cubby house. I was determined to make this project using stuff that I already had and didn’t want to buy new materials etc. Before even starting the project you collect your materials. The first two items on the list were oil cloth and calico or other sturdy fabric. Ok so I didn’t have oil cloth or a really sturdy fabric that I liked for this project. So using my useless sewing knowledge I decided to substitute these fabric types. If I made all the fabric thinner then it should still work as long as they were of similar density so my brain thought. Move over Kelly! So not long into the project I realised as my fabric frayed in front of my eyes and stretched as I sewed it that perhaps one of my fabric choices wasn’t quite right – who would have thought! Free-styling with fabric caused me lots of other issues I am too embarrassed to go into. After putting the project down for sometime due to my disappointment I got back on the machine. I finished the project and to my delight I have two little residents to the card table cubby house! They can’t see my errors, the fraying material, the uneven hanging walls etc. They see a cubby that they can go in and if they are lucky one of their parents will try to go into as well and fill it almost breaking the card table and to their delight crushing them.

Project two: Upcycling a women’s shirt to a dress no make that a skirt! Therefore UPUPcycling!

Ok so those in the know are onto the fact that I love a bargain. I went to the Camberwell Market (brilliant second hand market) and was having a slow morning. I saw a shirt that I didn’t completely like but saw its potential – it was cheap about $4 from memory. I tried it on (at home) and the size of the frills on the side were hideous and made me look like a frilled neck lizard – whose frill had slipped! NICE!!! So I decided this was to be my pinterest moment. I was going to transform this shirt into a little dress for Jas and the pinterest world would go crazy!!! Hahaha

With newly found confidence (not sure from where) I just started chopping, pinning and then getting Jas to try it on and oops pricking her and so on. With another snipping spree I accidentally snipped the side of the dress – never fear I could over come this minor setback and I took in the dress! Yep, I bet you can guess what happened it now didn’t fit Jas!

Ah never fear I had invested $4, a chunk of time but I didn’t give up – Pinterest needed a new gem! So what did I do? I went the hack and made Jas a skirt. Ok so this poor once upon a time ugly garment has been hacked not once but twice. I also added a Kangaroo pouch pocket – something I wanted to try:)

The final outcome Jas loves and I hope Pinterest will 😛

It’s not everyday you see an UPUPcycled skirt is it?

You may not be a sewer like me but perhaps my ad hoc methods you use in the kitchen or when using new equipment etc. Or maybe I am the only weirdo like this? Whatever, I love my hobby of sewing, despite my errors, panic attacks etc.

I better let you go and pin this to pinterest now!!!

Em xx


3 responses to “Free-styling and UPUPcycling

  1. Kylie says:

    great job Em 🙂 that’s the best way to learn!

  2. Jodi says:

    Haha! You are so funny. I have learnt to let go of perfection when making stuff for Ben. I figure it doesn’t matter how perfect it is to him. I’m going to try some upcycling of clothes for him too soon.

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