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Mixing it up – Surprise dates

on April 19, 2012

A new tradition has started at our place! We are planning monthly surprises for each other. Brett led the way and the bar was set high. My “special treat” night last month involved a restaurant called Cutler & Co. We had an amazing meal and Brett’s highlight of the dinner was his dessert – now that’s saying something as he doesn’t really have a sweet tooth! Then we went off to SmartBar at the Melbourne Museum where we got to see an adults only glimpse of the museum, whilst sipping on a champers and listening to cool beats! A fun night:) I even bumped into one of my besties!

So this month I decided to plan Brett a surprise and here birthed our new tradition – planning and delivering surprise dates. We hit the Melbourne comedy festival to see “Anyone for Tennis”. Chosen because it was musical comedy; something Brett enjoys- they were good but definitely some cringy moments – Why do stand up comedians constantly take things too far? Anyway it was in the council chambers in the Melbourne Town Hall a cool venue in its self. Overall, we rated the show as good.

We then went for a walk to 7/11 (how good am I at planning surprises!). I left Brett staring at the LED messages at federation square as I made a dash inside to get our $5 bike helmets! (thanks for subsidizing this City of Melbourne). Yep, we were taking it to the streets thanks to Melbourne Bike Share. This to me was the highlight of the night. Hopping onto our bikes with no set plan, riding off into the dark and happy it was dark as I wobbled on my way:) Melbourne Bike Share is now a new favorite thing of mine to do in the city. A day pass is $2.60. With a mere swipe of your credit card and by keying in a special code you and your new bike are free to ride! Then in theory if you take just half hour trips it’s free from there but if you take longer trips more charges apply. This was a random and fun thing to do in order to get to our restaurant which was over near Crown. The bikes were great. There is even a cool iPhone app called Spotcycle that actually shows you where the closest bike share location is and how many bikes are there at any given time! In the future I plan to ride around the city in a day taking lots of little rides to my favorite places! Yes, I could take in my bike but I enjoyed the adventure and having to watch the clock, it made me feel like I was in the amazing race or something! We decided to not return the helmets as we might ride again after dinner, we could have returned them and got $3 back.

With our helmets under our arms and our newly formed helmet hair we hit Number 8 our restaurant for the night! Needless to say we were the only ones in there with helmets!!! We enjoyed a great dinner and dessert topped it off for me their Chocolate Biscuit (an inspired chocolate fondant) is the dearest but yumiest biscuit around;)

What I love about our newly claimed tradition is the thought that goes into the night is solely focusing on doing and planning something that your better half will love! They are your focus and showing them that you love them is the purpose! I don’t want these nights to always be expensive nights out but rather extravagant expressions of love is what I want! Sometimes the most thoughtful expressions don’t cost a thing! I like that it will be once a month because it is achievable and we will alternate planning them so we get extra time to plan (although I will do next month also as it’s Brett’s Birthday).

Give it a go! Plan a loving surprise for someone special in your world! And let me know what you did -I would love some inspiration;)

Em xx




3 responses to “Mixing it up – Surprise dates

  1. What a great idea!! Love the biking in particular – so romantic and ‘free’ (in the unplanned sense of the word) πŸ™‚

  2. Patch says:

    Lovely ideas there. So romantic.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Delightful! What a brilliant idea. And you are right, suprising and thoughtful doesn’t have to cost a lot. For Rob, it would be an evening of board games (that we already own), just the two of us and some really nice vanilla ice-cream that we don’t generally have in the house… he’s a simple man πŸ˜‰ And now I am motivated to do just that!!

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