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SNAP clean!!!!

on March 29, 2012
To say I struggle to keep the house clean is an understatement!!!! These days I blame the kids on the state of the house, when in fact they don’t mind cleaning up (at this stage in their lives). It’s me; when it’s a small mess I procrastinate and then it becomes a major mess and I feel too overwhelmed and under qualified to do anything about it. I want to improve in this area and need to for the sake of my kids and teaching them these life skills.
My lovely friend Bron before Christmas put up on Facebook a 12 days of Christmas cleaning challenge. I jumped onboard and each day I did a cleaning task that I had been wanting to do but had been putting off. Great concept. I am goal orientated so this kind of thing usually motivates me! This challenge worked because it was a short project do-able as a short-term goal.
In a nutshell:
I am frustrated by mess!
But possibly more frustrated with the speed at which something can go from clean to messy!!!!!
So I figure why bother? Am I alone here?
The other day I dropped Jas off at kinder and I literally threw the kids out of the van and slammed the door! Why? Because our van was a disgrace! It was so messy inside that I didn’t want anyone to see it! With the crazy changing Melbourne weather we had accumulated half our wardrobes with jackets, cardies, sun hats, shoes etc. Combined with Kinder craft and snack containers it was terrible!!! For Jas to get to the door she had to trample on everything almost risking her life!!!! When we got back to car and I put Elijah in the car and I SNAPPED!!!!
Plans to shop were put on hold (deeming this to be a major SNAP!!) I drove home with a crazy look in my eye – I was a woman on a mission (whoa whoa)!!! I had 2 1/2 hours to revolutionize our car!!!! I was going to need every minute of that!!!!! Elijah was my apprentice! Yes, he is only 18 months but he is a quick learner;) and more than happy to vacuum anything and everything and play in the van with me.
With great pleasure I threw everything out of the car! Grabbed the vacuum and no dirt, sand, dust, slime, snot or half eaten biscuit was safe! It was an eye opener the things you find! But satisfying! Instantly things looked better.
Determined to not only clean but to revolutionize (remember) it didn’t stop there! I got the interior car cleaning pack and used products I had never dream of using before or knew existed! And I got a glimpse of what the van looked like when we bought it!
I was determined to pack away all the items taken from the van properly ie not just move the mess from one place to another. Then I had to return some of the items back to the van! The pram returned. The accessories eg rain cover and sun cover (which can often be used in one day) I decided to put in a crate. I also decided to make some emergency kits and leave them in the crate too. There is now an emergency nappy kit: with 3 spare nappies, wipes, bags, and a pair of undies. Then there was an emergency supplies kit with sunscreen, band aids, paw-paw cream, deodorant and women’s products;).
Time check: 10 mins til pick up time. I went in and freshened up as SNAP cleaning is a fast paced, sweat inducing activity. I strapped Elijah into the van and smiled as I drove to kinder! I raced out of the van only to sssssllllllloooooowwwwwlllllyyyyy get Elijah out hoping someone would admire my clean van;) I thought that was a satisfying 2 1/2 hours! When Jas came back to the van she was shocked and smiled and vowed to help us keep the van like this forever!
As this event took place a few weeks ago I can happily say that the van is still clean as Brett has been using it to drive to work!!!! I miss seeing my clean van now;)
Are you a SNAP cleaner? Or what does it take for you to get cleaning? Or do you have any ideas to help inspire me?
Em xx








2 responses to “SNAP clean!!!!

  1. Gayle says:

    Oh Em, I’m definitely a SNAP cleaner too! Why bother with a little mess- it’ll be back as soon as you’ve cleaned it! LOL xoxo

  2. Patch says:

    There are definitely more important things in life than housework so mine only gets done when I get fed up with it or I am in the mood for it 😉

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