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Little less conversation a little more action!

on March 6, 2012

Do you ever feel like the words in a song sum you up at a moment in time? Or are there some lyrics that spring to mind just when you need some encouragement? Recently the classic Elvis Presley song “A little less conversation a little more action” has come into my head (need a refresher click here). I can assure you Elvis and I aren’t referring to the same kind of action;0

I am a self-confessed “ideas” gal. I am a dreamer, you know a blue sky thinker. My mind is constantly dreaming and scheming up new concepts and particularly business ideas and/or things to do. My greatest flaw though is that I don’t really do anything with these ideas. They may just be a fleeting thought or they maybe something that I chew over and try to nut out the details of and then well leave it there.

At the age of 17; I set myself a 5 year plan.

My 5 year plan:

  1. I was to complete my VCE with excellent result
  2. I was to get into University to complete a Bachelor or Business in Catering and Hotel Management
  3. My course would include a cooperative year (industry placement) in which I would live overseas and work.
  4. I would travel the world
  5. I would work at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

I achieved all these goals! They were all working toward my career ambition of running a chain of five-star hotels – which I didn’t end up doing but I can happily say I still love 5 star hotels and now prefer staying in them from time to time;)

But where has this driven and focused woman gone? – I hear you ask!

It’s true and something I have asked myself. For a few years there I rejected my need for planning and goal setting and I pursued a life of being a spontaneous and a fly by the seat of my pants girl. Then I became a mother and I found that both my need for goals and spontaneity would serve me well. As I work hard to bring in routine and structure to my kids lives (despite feeling like I am failing whilst doing this half the time) I am thankful for the drive I have in my character. My ability to think on my feet and love to mix things up has definitely served me well as I try to defuse situations and make it to the end of the day in one piece! Can you see how your journey has shaped you and helped you to deal with your current situation?

But I think I have fallen into the trap of maybe winging it too much! I actually started a blog previously and the theme of that blog was “to improve my ability to follow through” and to start to help me to improve in this area. Ha you can check it out here and happily note that this died very quickly – ironic really:) Then began this blog where I am to embrace my winging it nature but also strive to be faithful to the other side of me and to plan to get things done.

A little less conversation a little more action! Come on baby I’m tired of talking (followed by catchy music!)

Ok theme song popped back into my head so I better get it back to the point.

On Pinterest recently, I stumbled onto a beautiful and simple goal list (to see my original inspiration click here you won’t be sorry this is a great blog!). This list was so simple to make and definitely something that could help me to actually get back to achieving some specific goals and not just the one of surviving the day. I love that you can set different time frames in which to achieve your goals but am a little daunted by the fact I need to set 6 goals. I want to achieve these and so I haven’t made them impossible or not too easy that there is no challenge. Be fair to yourself and remember that Rome wasn’t built-in a day (more song lyrics hey!). I have made these goals personal ones for me and not for the kids etc because I feel that I need to look after me and not solely focus on them all of the time, although I will involve them in the journey.

Give it a go. Set yourself some goals and let’s see how we go!

Em xx


my goal list for March - design from Cornflower Blue Art


12 responses to “Little less conversation a little more action!

  1. Anita says:

    I love reading your blog posts Emily. You are down to earth, honest and inspiring. I am now partially planning my melas thanks to you. And I also wonder where the old me has gone sometimes. I used to catch a train at 7:16 every morning. Now I really struggle to get out of bed every morning. I used to be slim, now…… You get the picture 🙂

  2. Patch says:

    Mmmm I think I might try this as I can be the worlds best procrastinator and very easily distracted too! Thanks for posting this.

  3. Love the organiser chart – and it includes ‘social life’ goals. Now THAT’s something I vaguely remember having. I’m going to get going on a chart this weekend!

  4. Jodi says:

    Haha! I find it really amusing that we often blog about similar things about the same time without talking about it. Bit freaky! Good luck with your goals.

  5. kylee neate says:

    well done Em, ur doing awesome job!!
    well Em, i finally got out the vac.the broom was to much like hard work..went outside ..yes outside with vac! and sucked up all the leaves sand dirt n chip bark n spider webs..u know what I am like with anything that crawls other than babies!!lol man the whole bucket was full!!! so much easier than broom. so that’s one job ticked off! A group of my mummy friends have been trying to get to one of our local play cafes.. we all say yeah that would be great one day lol..n u guessed it never happens. so I am trying to set it up for next thursday… hopefully someone will come!! I have pre cooked whole heap of meals in freezer which is great help. Yeah even tried being creative for James..but u know how that went with food 😦 I had fun..and it was yummy i guess that counts for something.
    we are going to try n make the playgroup day out at the zoo on 28th march depending on al our health but should be good n cheap to get in.
    love ya xx

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  7. […] Project one:  Cubby house card table (as mentioned previously on my goal planner) […]

  8. […] Project one:  Cubby house card table (as mentioned previously on my goal planner) […]

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