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Craft hurts!

on March 1, 2012

I think I am a “want to be crafty and creative person“. I love and appreciate craft. I am really good at buying it too:) Craft hurts me in a variety of ways. It can hurt when I realize I don’t have the ability to turn my vision into a reality; as my limited skills hinder me. Craft can hurt our bank balance, as I have a fetish for pretty fabrics etc. but to balance this out I do also by second-hand pillow cases, tea towels, tables clothes and doona covers and repurpose them too! Craft can hurt when you’ve spent ages doing something and it can break before you’ve even recovered from making it. Craft can hurt your loved ones as they watch you struggle or you annoy them with questions or continually ask them for their opinions. Craft can hurt the appearance of your house; as a project can overtake a space.

Yet knowing all this I still love craft!

I go through waves with my craftiness. At the moment I am in over drive as I am a new addict to Pinterest (more on that another time) and I have a huge to do list forming of things I want to make or do etc. For sometime, I have been wanting to make a card table cubby house. During our recent hard garbage collection, I picked up a card table off our nature strip – ha we didn’t put it there but it was a welcomed gift;). So this was a sign it was time for me to give it a crack.

I am probably half way through making this. It’s been fun I have just been using bits and pieces from my sewing cupboard and this to date is a project I haven’t needed to buy extra things for – yay! So on Monday night I was getting some sewing done after I put the kids to bed. I had done some machine work and needed to finish off some loose threads which I do by hand (a great tip from Kylie my sister-in-law). I decided to do this in front of the TV. When I am not using my needle or pins etc I actually pin them into the arm of our couch – it’s an old forgiving couch;) However, on Monday evening, I rested it on my knee. All of a sudden I had to jump up and do something and I had completely forgotten about the needle on my knee until I felt it push into my foot!!!!!!! YES CRAFT HURTS!!!!!!

Yes, I stood on my needle! The needle was pushed into the skin between my big toe and index toe (no idea what the term is for our second toe is so I’m going with index like we say for fingers – let me know if you know what it’s called). This happened very fast and my reaction was to give an instant blood curdling scream, which my kids surprisingly slept through, Brett miraculously heard (as he was in his new study area – remember his Valentine’s present) and came rushing to my rescue. I told him I had a needle stuck in my foot. So what would you do next?

This is what we did:

  1. We looked to see if we could see the needle – result negative
  2. Brett got tweezers and tried to hunt for a needle point or something a mist my screams – result negative
  3. I felt the needle was still in my foot and so suggested a trip to the emergency department of our local hospital – we delayed acting on this knowing that we’d be there for at least 6 hours or so before being seen
  4. I suggested Brett crawl around the floor until he found the needle – result no needle
  5. I proposed we go to emergency – again we delayed acting on this
  6. Brett googled how to get a splinter out of your foot, to which I said “type needle” as I was sure others would have done this! – result Brett read about removing splinters 😉
  7. Brett got a bucket of hot water and put TPC in it; hoping the needle would come out after soaking my foot – result almost needing to go the hospital with a scolded needle foot
  8. I begged to Brett to scan the floor again for the needle – result Brett found the needle stuck hard into the floor which I had obviously pressed in with all my weight
  9. Sigh of relief as there appeared to be no needle in my foot, therefore no emergency department visit needed – result me soaking my feet and thinking about what could have been
  10. Going to bed with pins and needles in my foot (figuratively speaking!) and hoping it was all over – result fell asleep rather quickly considering

Yep, craft hurts! Since this happened I have been told of other sewing needle stories, even of needles travelling up the blood stream etc. A more horrifying but hilariously written craft tragedy had even been published last weekend in The Good Weekend section of The Age. So I am not alone! To date, I am believing we found the whole needle (despite not checking to see if it was a full needle that we found) and I can move on with my life. I haven’t done any more on the cubby as yet but plan to;) and now I have a new project on my craft to do list – a pin cushion!!!!!

Have you been hurt by craft? If so how?

Em xx

25 pin cushion tutorials - which one to choose? via blog babble




large-scale reenactment – no one was hurt in the taking of this photo;)

One response to “Craft hurts!

  1. Not as impressive as your self-mutilation, but seriously, my little finger on my left hand gets all pathetic and crampy after a granny square or two of crocheting. (does that even count?!) 😀

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