winging it mum

Life is full of surprises

on February 23, 2012

Do you ever have those moments in life where you raise your eye brows out of sheer surprise? Surprised as to how a situation has played out, or surprised at the outcome of an event and even surprised at someone’s particular response to life. Recently I have found my little eye brows have been working overtime!

Here are a few things that have got me working out my brows:

  • Elijah my little 17 month old has been hard to keep out of the water this summer. He loves wadding pools, baths, swimming pools and especially the beach. With this in mind we have started swimming lessons. We have only had two lessons to date but I have found myself in the pool holding the little one that is screaming his lungs out. Up go my brows – out of shock that my little man doesn’t like me shoving him under water and in response to the pain my ears are being subjected to!

  • Winging it Mum has become a Chinese translator. Having lived in Taiwan for 2 years sometime ago has resulted in me now being a shy speaker of  very average Chinese. I can ears drop; out of curiosity and get the gist of a conversation but when it comes to me talking I am an uming and ahhing mess. When a Chinese conversation is in play it’s the one time that I am lost for words! (I am sure those of you that know me are raising your eyebrows at the thought of me lost for words!) That aside I am now assisting Jas’ kinder to communicate with a Chinese Grandmother who does kinder pick up – this is a definite eyebrow raiser and they go even higher when I am understood;)

  • Since last weeks Winging it at dinner time post  and all the encouragement I got from you guys, I have been working hard at menu planning, writing an extensive shopping list and being conscious of the money being spent on food etc. Life in our household has already improved as I feel I am no longer just winging it. I am raising my eyebrows as a small step forward has bought such instant and satisfying results! I am using my Kikki K weekly planner, doing a huge weekly shop and a top up later in the week for bread, milk, fruit and veg. I had planned all my meals last week and may not have stuck to the actual planned meals but used the ingredients I needed to. In doing this plan it highlighted for me that I like some flexibility in my week, so this week I have used sticky notes with meals written on it so I can swap them around when I cook each meal without making my planner look messy:) This area is still a major work in progress but I am happy with my progress.

  • This year I am determined to communicate and keep track of events on our family calendar better. Yesterday, I flipped over to March to enter a date and I saw on March 1st it had written special treat! Major eyebrow lift here!!!! Brett has made a surprise but welcomed entry on the calendar and won’t give me anything more! Will fill you in on more on this after the event!

  • Everytime the kids get sick I am shocked (enter eyebrow raise) at how they can be happy and healthy one minute and then in the next they are snotty, watery eyed kids! Time and time again the speed at which this happens is alarming yet each time I am shocked! This week both kids have been hit by a cold and I am currently fighting one off.
  •  I recently joined a gym. I am loving going and trying out new classes and pushing myself. Being more of a morning person, I have even gone to the gym at 6am several times and am enjoying even these classes/workouts – definitely a surprising eyebrow raising start! 

  • Brett came home from work the other day and his driver’s side mirror had been smashed and there had been a pretty good effort made at ripping the whole thing off his car. After chatting with our mechanic we realised to fix this would cost – wait for it ………$900!!!! Feel free to raise your brows too!!!!! Luckily we have insurance (and our excess is less than that) but it took sometime to get the repairs happening and after a week and a half we should get it back.

So these are just a few of the surprises that have taken place in my life over the past two weeks! Have you been exercising your eyebrows too? Or how do show your surprise? What are some surprises that you are facing at the moment? Let us know;)

Em xx


2 responses to “Life is full of surprises

  1. *big eyebrow raise* at your weekly planner, that IS impressive! I especially like the sticky notes for added flexibility – great idea.

    Funny I was just thinking about surprises tonight. My step-sister recently gave birth quite suddenly and fairly early on. Little bub is actually doing amazingly well so all is good so far, but it was a big surprise. Not to mention, her pregnancy announcement was also unexpected and quite the surprise.

    I was thinking that with these surprises it goes like this: an eyebrow raise, perhaps a gasp or some other utterance, and then possibly a de-brief. And once that’s done we get used to the idea and the surprise has just become a part of your life.

    Looking forward to hearing about this “special treat” 🙂

  2. Zon says:

    love your blog emily ! wing it !

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