winging it mum

No roses here!

on February 14, 2012

We don’t do Valentine’s Day at my house! There are no bunches of red roses, boxes of chocolates, candle lit dinners or hallmark cards here. I think it is important to tell your loved ones that you love them daily and not just when the shops tell you to. Somewhere along the way the meaning of this day has been lost.

This year, I had been thinking a little more about love in the lead up to Valentines. I want to raise my children to be able to express their love naturally and authentically. I have been touched by some of my friends who have chosen to celebrate real love, in their families this Valentines and not in the commerical way. With my recent thoughts in mind and my new found inspiration. I decided this year – we would celebrate Valentines but in our own way!

Love is Patient. Seriously, I see this kind of love in action daily. Those that know my husband know him to be one of the most patient people around. He needs to be. We have a “dressing room” in our bedroom. For a long time this space was curtained off and used as a nursery for Elijah when he was born. Recently, it has been a secret haven for well anything and everything – a real dumping ground. I have struggled to get or keep this area clean. It has been in the too hard basket for me to be honest, I haven’t known where to start. I know that this area frustrates Brett and so my plan was to show him my love by finally cleaning up the space and giving him the study nook he has wanted.

So from the get go this was my plan. After breakfast, I started on the area with the kids playing in the room too. I had lost track of time and suddenly realised we had to head off to Mother’s Group. I was packing the kid’s snacks and lunch. Jas and Elijah were playing loudly, frantically and loving running around the island in our kitchen. I nearly stood on them several times and asked Jas to run out of the room so Elijah would follow. Then I would be able to complete the process in peace and without stepping on them. I don’t think I was even heard. I repeated myself and then somewhere from within I found myself loosing it and screaming out of the kitchen! I too was starting to loose the meaning of the day!

I re-grouped. Finished packing the snack and went into their room where they were again happily playing. I handed over cheese to them (food they love!) and apologised and thanked Jas for helping me. Jas then performed a “cheer up dance” for me. Her expression of love!

Later in the day after Jasmine’s short nap we baked some white chocolate and cranberry cookies. So yummy! Jas loves to cook! Often, I struggle when we cook together in the kitchen with my lack of patience. However, I wanted to show her that I love her and to spend some special time with her. My patience test kicked in as predicted but I was prepared for it. Then Jas, Elijah and I made a card for Brett. Jas loves to write letters and make cards so this was another opportunity for her to express love in her own style!

The story ends happily. I got the impossible done! Brett got a huge surprise, I was cheered up by my dance, we made a card and we got a great batch of cookies:) I was once again reminded that love is patient!!!! To top it off Brett presented me with one of his home made icy poles and we sat together watching Packed to the Rafters.

No roses here but plenty of love!!!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If you do in your family share with us what you do?

Em xx

Just before he arrived home πŸ™‚

after an hour or so of use πŸ˜‰

made with love xx



9 responses to “No roses here!

  1. Gabriel says:

    Well done on re-grouping and making another day special for your precious family. Love is patient….luckily for me love is also forgiving and keeps no record of wrongs. I am practicing the former and my kids are getting plenty of practice on the latter two πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for another inspirational post πŸ™‚

  2. Every month we have a ‘theme’ which we work short family devotions around. Our themes revolve around the ‘holidays’ of the season. We figure you can either ‘reject, receive, or redeem’ these commercialised holidays. So, like you, we have focused on the ‘Love’ passage in the book of Corinthians this month. You can see photos on my FB page (once they’re uploaded). There are lots of great families doing this around the world. Well done for redeeming such a commercialised day and sharing it with others.

  3. Gabriel says:

    PS How delicious were the cookies? I even went out and bought more craisins and made them again, cause they went super fast in our house πŸ™‚

  4. Andrea Steele says:

    Well done Em. All I can say is you are inspirational. No roses here either. We’ve made a pack not to celebrate V day too, but more to save time and money. It was just another day here at our house. Chaotic.

  5. Jodi says:

    What a lovely thing to do. I know how much that area has been stressing you and I’m so glad it’s done. That is the perfect example of what Valentine’s Day should be about – not spending money.

  6. That’s gorgeous Em, I’m sure Brett loves the new study space, it looks great! What a beautiful way to show someone love πŸ™‚

  7. […] scream, which my kids surprisingly slept through, Brett miraculously heard (as he was in his new study area – remember his Valentine’s present) and came rushing to my rescue. I told him I had a […]

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