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Closet Swap – A thrifty initiative

on February 7, 2012

My darling husband stumbled onto a brilliant iPhone app that excited me (Please keep reading even if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad as you could go to their website and do the same things as mentioned below)!!!!! The app is “Closet Swap“. It is a free app that has been set up by Channel four in the UK. What I like about this application is that it promotes people to look in their wardrobes, chest of drawers etc and come up with items that they no longer need or items that they would be willing to lend to others. After taking photos of these items you are able to upload them in your virtual closet.Your friends are able to do the same and then you can start the process of swapping items with each other. I guess a drawback is that to use the app/site you need to have a Facebook account.

Further to this, Closet Swap encourages you to host your own Closet Swap parties where you can do this in person. The site/app also allows people to look up maps to find where the closest charity shop or vintage shop is etc. In my current exploration of the map it appears to be only a map with nothing labeled but I was able to mark places on the map. Closet swap allows you be able to put out a SOS type call for a specific item that you needed for say a job interview or fancy dress party. How clever!

I guess what excited me about the app is that I would be encouraged to practice sustainable fashion and can even learn more about this through their site. Clothes I no longer like, fit into or need could be given to others who actually need or like the items of clothing. Gone would be some of the guilt that comes with having purchased items that are just sitting around and doing nothing. What a great way to pass on kids clothing and even maternity clothes!

Would I actually use this app/site and put my closet out there? I would like to say yes but to me it sounded like a bit of work and that it would only be a success if other people I knew used it. Would you use the app/site of Closet Swap?

I love the concept of having a Closet Swap party. Those who know me, know that I love to host a party, it’s the event manager in me! I would make it a fundraiser too eg. Donation on entry. People would bring along items they’d love to give to a new home and bag to put in items they’ve picked up! Sounds fun hey! If I threw a Closet Swap party would you come? Let me know;)

I think what I liked about the app/site was more the concept. It got me thinking creatively about what to do with items that I no longer want or require. I regularly give clothes to the op shop but there are some items that I would love to pass onto someone I know so these sentimental items are still in my world. I love giving away my old clothes or my kids stuff and the feeling you get when you know these items will be used and are appreciated.

Recently, I have seen an increase in people being creative in passing on their second-hand items. Like photographing items and putting them on facebook for friends to “like” eg claim. What are some ways that you pass on your unwanted clothing? Leave a comment so we can get inspired!

Em xx

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2 responses to “Closet Swap – A thrifty initiative

  1. alison says:

    Hey Em,
    We have had two fundraising fashion exchange parties at my playgroup. They were heaps of fun (funny seeing who will pick your old clothes and guessing who’s clothes your trying on), we raised a stack of money for playgroup and it was a sustainable way of getting a new wardrobe. Anything left at the end of the night was donated to the op shop.
    I would definitely come to your party if you organised one!

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