winging it mum

Thrifty Thursday #2

on January 26, 2012

Being thrifty can sometimes be risky. There is no guarantee of success and often no money back option. We were stung twice this week! Surely you have been stung too?

Last weekend, we were invited to our friends wedding. After a busy morning, we set off to buy some snacks for the kids to eat during the wedding (as we knew the ceremony would go into lunchtime). Ah the things we need to think of as parents! During the dash to the shops, Brett and I realized that none of his suitable shirts were ready to be worn to our friends big day. Knowing we were strapped for time, I looked at Brett and said you go to the bakery and I’ll slip into the op shop and see if they have a shirt! To my surprise, there was a nice shirt there. A white shirt in good condition, with a nice pale purple pinstripe. Brett tried it on quickly and we thought it was a little snug but it should be ok. After paying out a massive $3 we rushed home to throw on our wedding clothes. As we were about to leave, Brett went to pick up Jasmine and ………wait for it …………we heard a rip!!! Afraid to see where; I scanned him to see that there was a rip on his elbow. We had to leave! So on went his jacket. Our secret was safe……… until now;) Yes, this was a thrifty purchase worthy of a Thrifty Thursday mention, but an honest mention, describing that the shirt served the purpose but only just. Needless to say Brett changed his shirt for the reception.

Then I fell victim too! Whilst at the Camberwell market on Sunday (a quick visit) I saw a shirt. A thrifty $5 shirt! I thought this looks cute. Only to get it home and try it on and well… guessed it! It’s not cute! So I may try to rescue it with my sewing skills, another risky step! You win some, you lose some!

What are some of your thrifty disasters? Share them with us:)

Em xx



One response to “Thrifty Thursday #2

  1. for readers says:

    Fortunately the few failures I’ve had in this regard are quickly forgotten and I fiigure at least you didn’t fork out lots of money and then have the product fail you. I’ve had success lately with the Warrnambool Market stall going well. We made over $400 in a few hours, with a few boxes left that Vinnie’s were very happy to receive. Whilst at Vinnie’s I picked up 3 pairs of jeans and two blouses for a total of $30. Even better though, on the same day, I popped into another op shop and bought myself a brand new t-shirt with the $49.95 price tag still attached for $2 and bought my husband a brand new polo shirt with labels and stcikers still attached also for $2. With such success, I pity those who don’t go op-shopping. 🙂

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