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Op shop tribute

on January 16, 2012

Today it is 3 years since my father died of cancer. At the time of his death Jasmine was only 6 months old. Gratefully we have some photos of the two of them together and some photos of Dad around the place. We often talk about him to her and some days she gets in moods where she wants me to tell her all about him.

Last night I had a bright idea that I could take my mum and the kids op shopping as a tribute to him. Dad a true Scotsman liked to keep a close rein on his money, well that’s a polite way of saying it. Really he just hated to see good things go to waste. He volunteered at a local op shop we think so that he could get mates rates and first dibs on things that came in! I remember over the years I didn’t really get his fascination with buying second hand items. But he saw treasure where others saw junk. Over the last few years I have seen the light!

I get it!!!! It’s the thrill of the chase, finding something special amongst the moth ball smell, it’s looking at the price tag and deciding whether it’s over priced or a steal. It’s finding something from a different era and loving it for its quirkiness. I also think; as did Dad that our society produces more than we need. We are wasteful and irresponsible consumers. Op shopping is a sustainable habit and one that I have fallen victim too now!

Before setting off I reminded Jasmine where we were off too and why. I warned her that Grandma Frog (her grandma that collects frogs) might be sad today. She saw on the table in front of her some coins. She grabbed two coins and put them in a nearby box and said she was going to give it to Grandma Frog. She had $2.10 in there. I said lets change the 10 cent piece for a $1 coin. This meant Grandma had a dollar for every year that Grandpa had been in heaven. Jasmine was excited that Grandma Frog could buy something special with this money.

On presenting the box, jasmine was bubbling with excitement. Grandma Frog loved the gift and was touched by Jas’ gift. After regrouping we set off. We made some great purchases; binoculars and a miniature cow bell for Jas, a skirt for me, a wooden crane for Elijah, and skirt and top for Mum.

A fitting tribute to a wise and thrifty man! And a fun way to celebrate one aspect of his life. Love that through this tribute Jas showed her love for Grandma Frog and enjoyed looking for treasure like her Grandpa did!

What are some creative or fun ways that you have celebrated or paid tribute to a lost loved one? I’d love to hear!

Em xx



2 responses to “Op shop tribute

  1. Gabriel says:

    A lovely tribute, Em 🙂

  2. kylee neate says:

    That was so special Em mum said she loved Jas idea and dad would have been thrilled at ur bargains.James did the high land fling after seeing that video..yep dad still lives on . Great idea Em Xx t

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